Sublimation is a type of printing technique. When heat is applied to heat-sensitive ink, that ink turns into gas, leaving a fine print on the surface. Sublimation is a cutting edge technology in the textiles. Dye sublimation printing lasts longer, settles well on fabrics and offers an overall higher quality product. Sublimation, unlike other forms of printing, does not put a layer on the clothes. This allows the clothing to be more comfortable and breathable.

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Fast turnaround

We have a total of 10 high precision SUBLIMATION printers. Each printer can print 180 sqm. per hour.

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Industrial roller heat machine

For large format garment heat transfer printing with a 2/3 times higher work efficiency.

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Semi automatic A3 heat press

Mostly used for front t-shirt print or small dimension prints. 3000 pcs is our daily capacity.

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